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Trending fall hair color inspiration 2017 (34)

Shoulder Length Hair Styles Trending in 2017

Shoulder length hair are the adaptable and convenient. The shoulder length helps to frame your face perfectly with the body. This length is long but not too long. At the same time, they are short but not so short that you can’t braid ponytail them. Get your perfect look this year with these trendy Shoulder Length Hair Styles.

  • Loose Wavy

Regular beach goersusually sport this look. This hairstyle will give you a free spirited and lively persona. Loosen those natural curls straighten out only the tips, to rock a more edgy style.

  • Bottom Curls

Straighten your hair and curl out just the bottom. Unlike the loose wavy hairstyle, this gives more of a polished and elegant look. Short layers will allow the curls to stand out, giving you an even more unique look.

  • Straight

This is a classical and glamourous hairstyle. For this look you have to straighten out the entire length of your hair and comb it flat towards the back. Use a gel or hair cream for styling and smoothening out the locks just before the hair dries up.

  • Side Parting

This is a gorgeous look which is very easy to maintain. This style gives you a perfect frame. You can even change your look by shifting your parting towards the center or the other side.

  • Kicked Up Curl

If you want to go in for a retro look, then this is the best option for your shoulder length hair. It is easy to accessorize with this style, so if you’re the type to wear headdresses then this style will suit you perfectly.

  • The Chic Professional

This look is perfect to give out a chic yet professional aura of you. The front bangs add the chic and straight sides and back add the professional in the look. If you are up for makings things bit hotter, then you can even go in for dark red color.

  • Curled Bangs

This a variation of the chic professional hairstyle. Only difference is that, in order to pull of this look, you need to have your hair curled. If you have naturally curled hair then styling your hair this way will be real easy. The curly bangs and curly sides will give you a fresh and bubbly feel.

  • Side Bang

A side parting hairstyle with the bangs shaped towards the side of the parting. For this look it is recommended to have minimum layers towards the bottom of the hair, it will help you get the round shape of the hair style.

Go ahead and try out a new looks this year. The Shoulder Length Hair Styles mentioned above are easy to grow out of, so you can avoid on those extra trips to the salon. These trendy looks are easy to style and do not require a lot of maintenance.