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Young Men's Haircuts

Simple yet classy haircut for boys

If you have always been loyal to your one and only haircut for years now, then it is time to do some changes to it because one of the best ways to make yourself look charming enough is to change your haircut. With time trends change and with both of them, you need to catch up on it. Outdated haircuts will only make you become a laughing stock in the current era. Below are some really simple and easy to manage haircuts which will not only enhance your overall outlook but also help you know your style better because realistically, the more changes you try on, the more your definition of style and individuality gets better.

Buzz your hair

Let us be real. Buzz cut is one of the best hairstyles and the easiest of all to handle. It is low to almost zero maintenance and enhances all of your outlook all the more. It is one of the most ideal styles for the boys who are on the go and have no time to put on their grooming. Put on a scalp and hair moisturizer but do not overdo it because that may damage your scalp. Use a boar and loose bristle brush to brush your hair. Also, do not let your hair grow more than 1-3cm otherwise it would lead to a grown out buzz cut than the original buzz cut.

Twists and Turns

If you want to change your style to growing out your hair and yet keep it low maintenance, then this haircut is exactly for you. To start with, keep your hair all clean and wet. Then move on to dividing sections of your hair into quadrants, four sections basically. Start diving from the just above the nape of your neck and keep working upwards. Put on blobs of pomade on small sections and start twisting your hair. Twist it from the root to the end tip of your hair so it’s not loose at all, keep it as much intact as possible. Repeat this to all of your quadrants and sections till they are done. Now let it dry. Dry your hair under the room temperature than blow drying and all the other artificial methods. Once it is done it’s according to your choice and likes to leave it like that or shake it away.

Fading out and polishing it

This haircut started off as a technique and then with the increase in popular demands, it is now considered as a whole haircut. This haircut is very slick in style and gives you a handsome look too. Just apply coconut butter to your hair and scalp and start brushing all of your hair in a forward motion. There you go with the shortcut to it.