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Skimming it up with Dorothy Hamill haircut


Dorothy Hamill is one of those athletes who know how to win a gold medal for style statement as well. But, speaking of medals, she has won quite a sum of medals over her very successful career. She has three gold medals and two silver medals over her glittering career. What else makes her famous besides her outstanding achievements, is, her hair style. She flawlessly carries variations of short hair with utmost elegance and style. we have here some of the hair styles she pulled off; for you to have a good look and go with the one that suits your face cut and body type.

She basically carries a bob, and adds changes and styles to it from time to time. One of her classic hair styles is the plain bob, center parted and with free flowing bangs, and that gives her an awesome look. Next to look at, is her pixie. She did get a pixie cut, but did not do any fancy stuff with that; she just made a messy side part and let the thin fringes fall carelessly on her forehead, which gave her the sporty look that she is known for. The next one that is noticeable is, when she let her hair a bit longer than her usual bob and sported small unmanaged waves in them, that gave her the classic just – out – of – the – shower look.

If any of these suit you, go and have a try.