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Standard Rockabilly haircuts for boys

It is a myth that only girls like to show off their beauty. Not only the girls, the boys love to style their hairs in different ways too. The standard rockabilly hairs are mostly adopted by the masculine category. Communicate with your hairs and give them a fancy fabulous look. Some interesting ideas for the rockabilly hairdos are here mentioned:

  • Slick back haircut: This is the simplest hairstyle in the rockabilly collection. The hairs are neither divided nor equalized in this hairdo as this hairdo is all about turning back the hairs. Pick a comb and simply drive your comb towards the neck coming from the upper head.
  • Jelly roll haircut: In this particular haircut, roles are created at the top side of the head. The designed roll looks like a big jelly at the right side of the head. Firstly, divide the hairs into two parts in the manner that the hairs should be equally divided each side. It was the oldest fashion to roll the hairs in a jelly look, but for a casual look it also works well in today’s fashion era.
  • Pompadour: This hairdo is very similar to the slick back haircut, but there is only one difference that changes the overall look of a male. In this pompadour hairstyle, a big puff is created at the top of the hairstyle.
  • Executive contour: In this hairdo, you will need to create a counterpart of the hairs. Keep the density of hairs at the right side and rest of the hairs at the left side.