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Step out in Style with Bucket Hat. There was a time when almost kangol bermuda black bucket hat

Step out in Style with Bucket Hat

There was a time when almost every man or woman wore a hat while stepping outside the home. Gradually they went out of fashion. But today hats are making a comeback. One of the most well-known styles of hats is bucket hat which is also known as fishing hat, session hat or Irish country hat. A bucket hat is made from a soft fabric like cotton or denim. It has a flexible and downwards sloping brim. Let us know more about this versatile head-wear.


Because of its flexible brim, one can easily pack this hat in a bag or stuff it into a pocket, unlike baseball caps with stiff brims. They are also easy to wash and protect the face from the harmful rays of the sun. They give a cool, casual and laidback look to the wearer. These advantages make it a favored choice among people, especially festival goers, glider pilots, rappers and hip-hop artists.This has added to its popularity and wide appeal.


They are available in a variety of colorsand fabrics. A hat may have extra details like a pocket for carrying money, a chin strap or an extended rear brim to protect the back of the neck from the sun. They might be decorated with embroidery, patches or insignia. Some hats are reversible. Women’s hats may be in a floral print, or feature a buckle or bow. Men’s hats come in solid colors like black, white, khaki and are also available in plaids and camouflage prints.