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Quick Messy Updo for Short Hair

Stylish and formal hairstyles for short hairs

Short locks produce anultra-neat and elegant look. Finding a formal yet stylish hairstyle, especially for short hair demands much effort. Selecting a formal and chic hairstyle for any occasion can be a big headache for any girl. But with these below explains formal hairstyle for short hairs, you need not to go through much trouble.

If you have chopped out your long tresses and yet not sure of its styling, here is the explanation of some formal hairstyle for short hairs that you can easily carry out:

Puffy top:

This formal hairstyle for short hairs gives you a fabulous look for a night party. Tuck your front tresses on the middle of the scalp and make a bouncy and puffy top. With neat appearance, it brings out your actual facial shape. These looks cool on black hairs.

Symmetric bob with a side braid:

Simple bob can appear more stylists with a braid. Create a symmetric bob and make a braid from front locks, pull it one side and attach with hair pins.

Simple short Bob:

This is a simple, classic solution of short hairs. This redefining looks gorgeous on any girl. Blonde side parted hair frame your face with a silk and soft touch.

Wavy short bob:

Do not miss this formal hairstyle for short hairs. This season, grab the formal and messy look by wearing this wavy bob style. You can choose some bangs on it for the trendier look.

Textured short hairstyle:

This looks equally attractive in both fancy and formal outfit. Side swept textured short hairs are very easy to carry out. It appears prettier on bright make up.

Back swept with a hairband:

It is one of the easiest ways to generate a formal hairstyle for short hairs.  It shows off your forehead, pull off your front locks and attach a beautiful headband.

Side bangs:

Side bangs with tapered layers are perfect for extra short hairs. Team up with a trend make up and be ready for tons of compliments.

Side vintage rolls:

Rolls are back to fashion. Create one side vintage rolls in textured tresses, and apply hair spray for finishing touch.

Tousles with floral band:

Messy tousles with a floral headband looks cool on the spring season. These shorts ‘do exactly go with curls. Headband enhances the pretty look of any young girl.

Mini bun:

Mini bun looks radiantly beautiful on white girls. Tightly pulled hairs when team up with a shiny hairband looks fresh and neat. This creates a sexy top in textured tresses.

Simply elegant look:

Short bob appears trendy in simple look. A side- swept hair perfectly tucked behind the ear makes you a sweet, innocent and elegant girl.