these chunky twists make protective styling easy peasy. | Natural
these chunky twists make protective styling easy peasy.

Stylish, easy and protective natural hairstyles

Some people do not prefer curls and some people prefer curls, just according to a person’s choices or likes. But mostly those who have curls and coils are almost complaining about handling them. So here is a solution for your curls with some of these natural styling techniques for your hair out of a numerous. These natural hairstyles will not only make you love your curls but also your curls will become more easily manageable. One of the good things about this style is that it does not demand too many efforts to be put into it and it gives your hair, your own kind of a unique texture. These hairstyles will also make sure your curls are kept healthy and protected whilst innovation and creation goes on.


To start with the easy most style would be a mini bun or precisely a cinnabun as the fashionistas call it. Once after you raise all of your hair up, hold it with a really wide band and then you start dividing sections for mini buns. Then take a section, tuck it end to the band or with a bobby pin after you roll it over your finger.

Easy and elegant braid

People demand elegance and elegance demands more twisting or turning. Start with a right side parting, start twisting from the left side of your ears to your side parting and now twist one more strand just a bit away from the portions of your forehead. Make a ponytail from the back hair of your left side but by dividing it into 3 sections, where you start twisting your front twist to the top most section of your ponytail. Now twist those two remaining sections into loose twists and then twist it in a manner to shape a bun.

Easy beehive updo

People relate updos with being fancy and elaborate but then at times it can also be about keeping your hair up because it is a very blistery summer day. With an updo, even in one of the easiest manner you can get the diva look. Hold whole of your hair for a high ponytail except the flicks, let the flicks flow on to your forehead and move a bit upwards while holding your hair so that it becomes a little loose. Then start twisting and turning it till the end and tuck it all in the loose bun which raised when you held your hand upwards. Start fixing back hair and the side buns with bobby pins. There will be a beehive elegant hairstyle like a little similar to a bump just above your flicks.

 These hairstyles will not only provide you with a lot of variety and also ensures that your curls or your natural hair is still protected.