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Trendy Stacked Hairstyles for Short Hair, Practicality Short Hair Cuts

Stylish Stacked haircuts For Women

Basically, a stacked haircut is a tightly layered short haircut. This type of hair cut mainly aims at increasing the volume of the crown part of the head. In this type of stacked haircut, bangs can be included very easily which makes the hairstyle unique and impressive. This stacked haircut gives a fuller volume to the hair strands making the haircut interesting. This is a new hair trend in the fashion industry. This haircut is flattering everyone. No matter if you are not an in vogue personality, the stacked haircut looks stylish and has low maintenance.

In this haircut, a round shape is created is created which is perfectly blended in the back of the head. The layers of the haircut lift up the hair volume and gives fuller effect. Flipping the hair is the most popular style in a stacked bob cut.  Extra styling is required for tightly layered haircut. This ensures achievement of proper round shape in the back.

If you are choosing a longer styled stacked bob cut, then the front hair can be kept with same lengths with the longest hair length in the back.  Depending upon the thickness and volume of hair, front portion of the hair strands can be lightly layered with tight layering on the back. This creates the fullness in the haircut style and volume of the hair strands. The stacked hair cut looks perfect on heart and oval shaped face cuts. The super cool stylish stacked haircut creates a new fashion look.