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Trendy hairstyle Army Haircut for mens

How many times have you wanted a haircut that needs very less of maintenance but is classy and stylish on its own? To cater to such needs, a very popular trend that makes the men select a hairstyle that a soldier wears on a regular basis. Yes, you are right. We are talking about the army haircuts. Have you ever wondered why army men like to keep their hair short and simple? The answer lies in the very fact that they don’t even have the time to think about keeping a good hair, let alone be the luxury of time to think about sporting a hairstyle for their hair.

The coolest thing that is coming up with the army haircuts is the fact that it is growing popular among the civilians and they are radically sporting it on the very large scale and the very basic fact behind this is the low maintenance of the hair in wearing an army haircut. Now one thing that is not known to a lot of general public is the fact that the army provides many choices to the army people as long as it meets the regulation. The soldiers might shape it the way they like by keeping it short. So, it is not about the only induction cut that is given at the boot camp of the armed forces. The super professionals do not give the induction cuts and rather the local barber just to start off their duty guards and enable them to get a different mentality.

You see, as the army permits different cuts, the civilians while opting for an army haircut would have a hell lot of options. Yes, you say the name and you have it. Be it the flat cut where the cut is supposed to start off with a flat top and the rest of the hair is shaped in the frontal lobe, the shape resembling a U. Another style is the Crew cut, which is the very classy choice of parents for their kids. It is just a generic trimming of the hair set by the zero gear where the scalp is seen from the hair. It is one such short army cut which requires no maintenance at all. Talking about the other cuts, there are high and tight, which is seen a lot in the movies being worn by the actors. Here, the hair is cut short at the sides, called tight while the top hair is left long enabling it to be styled high.

Regardless of the choice of your army haircut, these are very stylish and are very easy to sport. Rendering through the lot for a while, you are sure to find one that suits your look.