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Types of Camo wedding dresses on your special day

Every girl as a child has dreamt and waited for that special day in her life where she walks down the aisle in the beautiful wedding dress where her prince will be desperately waiting for her at the end. But all are not that traditional, some like it extremely different on their day of the wedding, they go for the Camo wedding dresses. Not all are traditional and chic, not all prefer the bows and the lace. Here are a few types of Camo dresses one would prefer on their special day.

  1. Pink Camo

It  sticks to the feminine side with its colour and also shows off its beauty with the woodland graphic printed over it. The majority ofCamodresses are sold in pink. Mostly because it’s more feminine than the others, but with a little more of rad look to it, the graphic printed over it makes it look really elegant to wear at a wedding.

  1. Digital Camo

One always has to think out of the box – something pixilated digitalised over their wedding dress, what could be more cool? Digital Camo dresses are made using the computer algorithms which help in pixelating the graphic.

  1. Snowy Camo

The name itself says it all, this dress has a white base that’s  covered in woodland pattern. It gives a very seasonal (winter) look, so if at all you are a Narnia fan and plan on the Narnia theme wedding the Snowy Camo dress is an absolute yes. Since the base is white everyone would definitely go for it.

Camo Wedding Dressesspecifically apply more to the country girls since you can wear it with a pair of cowboy boots that will perfectly contrast with the Camo wedding dresses.