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Understand how your hair feels: emo girl hairstyles

Being an emotional person usually is a result of disturbed past, loneliness or in some cases, natural personality. No matter what the reason is, if you are an emotional girl, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or be embarrassed about. Generally emotional people are a stereotyped for weak, and subject to being ridiculed. But breaking the stereotypes is what this age is all about. If you are emotional girl, go out there and show people that emotional people are not just about crying all the time, it’s just that you have a different reaction about things than other people. One way to achieve the perfect emo look is by adapting an emo girl hairstyles. It is way different from the old times when black and layers were the only options to show that you are emotional. We have here a plethora of colour and style combinations to choose from, so that you can pick one and pull off the perfect emo look.

One of the basic styles is funky loose front swept multi – coloured bangs. With correct accessories and colour combination, this hair style will absolutely rock. The other ways to pull off a great emo hair style are – a pretty floral band and deep dye, simple double braids with flat side bangs, simple blue long layered emo look, half blue – half green combination, pink anime double buns, inky dyed ends on a simple bob, rainbow curled long hair, an edgy twist on a regular pixie cut, and numerous others.