Ways to wear drake jackets

It’s not as easy to dress up for men as we think it is, they also have their moment of sitting in front of the wardrobe and thinking what to wear? It could be for a casual outing with friends or on a date that they want to dress up well for. Some guide to dress up for men.

  1. Casually

What to wear on a casual chilly day of the winter to hangout with friends? Add a  Drake Jacket in your closet boys and throw it on over your t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of supras or jays to go with it. One could also wear a fragment of necklace.

  1. On bike

Want to cover yourself up from the sun that darkens your skin, a drake jacket could always be very handy because, its light weighted and feels like you have only a piece of fabric over your body.

  1. Rainy season

Since the drake jacket is waterproof you can also throw it on during the rainy season without worrying about it being spoilt and being thrown away. The bonded fleece fabric keeps it safe from water.

  1. Dates

You have a lovely date with you for the night but you don’t want to over dress up for it or under dress up for it. Throw on a V neck tee, Drake jacket, pair of jeans and a pair of vans would go just right wit it.

Drake Jackets are a must in your closet.