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When in doubt flaunts a pair of wide leg jeans

Jeans can never be out of fashion. The most comfortable and classy outfit that can be worn at any occasion and season is a pair of jeans. Being the most common pair of bottoms, jeans is the most popular attire found in every wardrobe. A single pair turns out to create a style statement worn with anything on top, be it spaghetti, shirt, kurti or top.

Wide leg jeans

A single pair of jeans can be found in a variety of styles, each defining the body shape of an individual. Most common are the wide leg jeans (also known as bell bottoms) styled with a wide part starting from knee gradually broadening at the bottom. This was the widely embraced style adorned in the 1960s. Since then the style has been carried forward embellished with the choice of upper ear.

Wide leg jeans were an initiation for other jeans styles varying from straight fit too skinny. In 1990, customers were exposed to a version of wide jeans with slimmer bottom. Contrastingly, the very first styled jeans were quite different when compared with that of men. Men’s jeans were originated to be a straight fit whereas their pant in the 1960s was much more similar to wide leg jeans.

Bottoms resembling wide leg jeans

Bell bottoms were specifically known for an exaggerated wide area at the bottom. This style sparked the invention of other such styles as well. One such invention is the flared pant known to be of similar shape but less widened area. Another version is the balloon pant known to have more widened area at the bottom as compared to bell bottoms.