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Your guide to that dream Bridal Dress

The wedding season is around the corner and preparations for the big day are in full swing. Sweets, gifts, food, decorations are all in place. Well but the bride-to-be is still tensed about her wedding dress. Every girl dreams about a perfect wedding for her wearing a beautiful dress. So here is a short guide to select that perfect wedding dress:

  1.  Be clear about the budget

Before going out for your wedding dress hunting you should be absolutely clear about the budget as you don’t want to ruin your wedding budget.

  1. Decide upon the designs that flatters your body type

As most of us girls are unfortunately not bestowed with that hourglass figure so it is very important to select a design that suits your body type. Usually girls on heavier side should opt for less bulky dresses and petite girls can opt for fishtail gowns and lehngas to give them a curvy silhouette.

  1. Choose the colour of the dress according to your skin tone

Although red is the more traditional colour for the wedding dresses but nowadays young girls are experimenting with different colours like royal blue, hot pink and even colours like tangerine and saffron yellow. But with so many colours available you should select that colour which compliments your skin tone instead of mixing with it.

Hopefully now you might be having much clearer picture for your D-day dress, so be beautiful and shine like a diamond.